Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time with Erin

Here are a few pictures from my stay with Erin and Garrett. As you can see Garrett is ADORABLE! One of the funny things he did while we were there was close his eyes in a coy way whenever we would get in the car. I did catch him with his eyes open for the second picture though. We thought maybe he was overwhelmed or feeling shy or something. Whatever it was it was cute. =0)

Erin and Jim are in the middle of a big move from Texas to Colorado for Jim's work and she has to stay in Texas until the house sells while Jim has had to start his new job and hold down the new rental in Colorado. The week we were there she had a lot of things to get done before taking a trip out to see the house they are going to be living in and visiting with my parents who came out to Colorado to vacation. I loved getting a picture of Erin and her to do list!

One of the last nights we spent with E and G we went to their favorite hamburger place called Kincaid's. The meat is super fresh and it's the closest thing to In-N-Out I've had. It's a fun family place with lots to look at and a nice noise level (which helps with toddlers!).

Anders had fun pretending to be a train and "coupling" up with Garrett's high chair.

It was such a joy to be able to spend such quality time with Erin and to get to know Garrett better. I can't wait to see their #2 boy when he is born in October!


Grandma Seelye said...

thanks so much for such a good report on your fun times in Texas! I love the pictures!crude

Anonymous said...

Garrett makes such cute faces! I'm so glad you were able to spend quality time with both of your sisters!!That's so special
Aunt G

Erin said...

Thanks for comin'! These are some great pictures - I'd love to get some more from ya when you have a chance. :)

Anonymous said...

ok, so your boys are SO cute together! love seeing the pictures! cousins are always cousins :) i got to chat with erin, sounds like you guys had fun.

Anonymous said...

oops- forgot to sign that one-- i never know how to use this comment part! it's anna purcell :)