Monday, August 24, 2009

More everyday life

We decided to take our vacation next week instead of this week so now I'm trying to find some fun things to do with the our time. The weather has finally heated up and today is quite warm although there is still a breeze thank goodness. We also have central air which is getting a good workout lately. I've started to get spoiled having central air. Growing up in an old 1930's home that was not well insulated I was used to laying low on the hottest days. We would lie in front of a fan, drink cold drinks and play in the hose. Now I don't even want to go outside when it's too hot!

Anyways, I found a couple of pictures of Anders new "big boy bed". Not the greatest pictures but something at least. Chris went and picked it up at IKEA while we were in Texas and we just set it up last week. It is a BIG hit and we really haven't had too much trouble with Anders getting out of bed or not sleeping. I really think we did the right thing waiting until he was old enough to reason with before we got a real bed.

The other pictures that I'm posting are of a fun play date that we had with one of Anders friends. His mom was my table leader in MOPS and he and Anders get along really well. They had so much fun playing the "cotton ball game" that I had to take a couple of pictures. This is a little exercise that my friend Katrina was doing with her son and it is so easy and helps with fine motor skills. It's cheap too! =0) All you need is a bag of cotton balls, two bowls and a pair of tongs. The cotton balls can be transferred back and forth from bowl to bowl until the game gets old. For some reason it is the hottest thing to do right now!


Mom said...

It looks like lots of fun! And I'm glad to see Anders' lovely blue bed. He's such a big boy now!

Grandma Seelye said...

How nice to have a cheap new game! Love you.