Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Fun

Here are a few pictures from today. After church we found a little local diner for lunch. Chris and Anders have this airplane game going where Chris makes his hand into an "airplane" and it talks to Anders either a Morgan Freeman voice which sounds wise and fatherly or a more wild Chris Rock voice which is just funny..... It's a great restaurant game.

This evening we went to the community center and listened to a concert of Billy Joel songs. It really was lovely and we are looking forward to more Sunday night concerts!

Of course there were many funny little quips that Anders said along with what I wrote in my previous post.  This afternoon Chris was feeling a little run down and so Anders thought he'd say that he didn't feel good either (in hopes of getting some cherry Tylenol). I humored him and said well, how do you feel? He answered, "like pizza".


Today while driving to church we had to take a winding road. Whenever we would go around a curve Anders would yell "too tight!" We began explaining centripetal force to him and I said "can you say cen-tripetal force?" He responded with "I'M NOT A HORSE!"

Friday, May 29, 2009


Why is it that whenever I walk into the kitchen and look at the pile of dishes in the sink and the full dishwasher, I always start thinking about doing something else? Anything else sounds good to me at that point.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is the picture that I need to look at when my child acts like he has the last couple of days. Remember those sweet little curls? That delicate transparent baby skin and those rose bud lips? Don't forget in the midst of the long day when he's bouncing off the walls or melting down or exerting his will (loudly).

Them he grabs my face and zerberts my cheek and screams with laughter and all is well with the world.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cringe Worthy

A couple of days ago I went through a box of "memories" that I have been lugging around with me each time I move. It had old art supplies, drawings from various art classes, art books, old letters, journals and other random bits mostly from high-school and college. Of course there were some great letters from my cousins Joy and Daniel who were living in the Philippines at the time but there were also letters from various boys that I had been friends with as well. Every one of the letters made me smile or laugh but my favorite articles were the ones that made me cringe.

One notebook in particular is especially cringe worthy. It's a book of short essay's that we had to write in English class at the beginning of each period. It was timed and themed and we had to write from our heart and not be concerned about spelling or grammar. (oh and I didn't worry about those one bit!)

I thought it would be funny to share one of these essay's every so often especially if it is cringe worthy! I was idealistic, judgmental, sloppy, and fairly honest. CRINGE. (the misspellings are original.)

Here is one that was in response to an editorial in our school news paper.

January 22, 1993

"I think that the editorial was very good. Personnely I don't have any teachers who make me feel hopeless or down trodden. I think this is because I am in the Academy and all the acadamy teachers want us to succeed. If you read this Ms. Turner I think that you are one of my favorite teachers because you are so positive. You have good control over the class and you want all of your students to do well! I all ways like to come to your class because I know it will be orderly and organized and we can't take advantage of you. Thank you!! I don't have a problem with any teachers so I really think that I am finished writing in my journal now. But the time isn't up yet so I have to keep writing untill the timer rings."

Apparently the timer rung and put me out of my misery. I don't think our school was at the top of the academic food chain and there was quite a bit of chaos if I remember correctly...
Oh and Ms. Turner thought I was great and now I know why!

Would You Like Some Stove Top Mr. Slash?

It's interesting living in an area where many famous people live. Every once in a while I'll see someone and do a double take and realize that they were someone famous or semi-famous. I've seen Howie Mandel, Pamela Anderson, some comedian named Robert Schimmel (who I overheard talking to his kids at a McDonalds about some family drama and later read what that drama was), and Cheryl Crow.

 Today I decided to get out and walk the 30 minutes to the local Albertson's. While I was there some guy with huge black curly hair and rocker clothes asked me where the Stove Top stuffing could be found. I gave him my best guess and I kept walking. Then I began wondering if that could have been Slash from the band Guns 'n  Roses? Sometimes it's hard to tell if you see a someone in person that you have only seen in pictures or on t.v. So maybe it wasn't Slash or, maybe it was.... Only he would know.

 life in Southern California isn't dull that's for sure!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day = Beach, Kites and Friends

What a fun Memorial Day we had! We spent the afternoon at a local beach with some friends we haven't seen in a while. It was so refreshing to just relax, fly kites and watch the waves.

Of course we had to get past Anders initial panic that he feels at the beach. But when that was over it was a truly pleasant day! (we endured a lot of screaming crying and "I NO LIKE THE BEACH!! before things got better.) We hope he's not scarred for life.

Chris was so patient getting the inflatable Winnie The Pooh kite up and going and he had fun showing Anders all about kites.

Chris also enjoyed catching up with his guy friends and I had to take a picture of the three guys enjoying the frigid water and a good conversation. Unfortunately the iPhone doesn't have  a zoom lens but you get the idea.


We visited a new church on Sunday. Our friends Mike and Denise have been going there for the past few Sunday's and we have heard so many good things about this particular church. We ended up going to the 9:00 service (so early!) . We loved the kids class and it was so fun to see Anders in a big group with kids his age and so much to do! Every new kid gets a children's Bible which was pretty great. 

We got a couple of funny pictures of Anders and Gus playing after Sunday school. Anders thinks that because he and Gus wrestled once it's now fair game to tackle him every time they get together. We're working on that.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Little Nostalgia

Last night Chris turned on the stereo to listen to some music. It wasn't just any music it was the Robert Plant and Allison Krauss album that we have been dying to hear. As we sat in our quiet living room listening the music made me feel extremely nostalgic.

 It made me think about the oak tree I grew up playing under. It made me think about the early mornings I spent listening to records or playing house before everyone woke up. It made me remember the smell of dusty kitten when I would bury my face in their sweet fur. It made me think of our first dog Sparky who I loved dearly and who kept running away and finally ran away for good. It made me think of golden sunlight that slanted across our living room in the afternoon. All of these things shaped my childhood and they still linger and come bubbling up when I least expect it.

I am so thankful for these little moments of nostalgia and the music that inspires them.

Fresh Air

I think that I have found the solution to making my home smell good during the summer months. In the winter I like to burn candles for fragrance but obviously that's out of the question when it's hot. (This is in response to the moth balls and curry problem that we live with everyday.)

So, my solution? A paper towel drizzled with essential oils on the back of the fan. The negative air pressure holds the towel against the fan and the air coming out of the fan smells so good! I am sitting in a room infused with lavender and rosemary at the moment. I am so happy to have found a way to make my home smell good without yucky air fresheners and sprays.

**Update** Chris just walked in and said it was way to overpowering....  Note to self, less essential oil next time.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Yeah, I'm Cool.

Seriously, how hard is it to get a picture of my child That's not blurry?? 

"Yeah, I know I'm cool... what's that you say? There's peanut butter on my face?"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a fun experience we had seeing the Cincinnati Reds! I have to say that it was by far the best sporting event that I've been to. Although that isn't saying a lot since I've only been to a handful...

Anders was really freaked out at first and did not like the crowds, fireworks and noise. But pretty soon he got into the spirit of it and was dancing and clapping with everyone else. We even had him yelling "CHARGE!" and "HOME RUN!".  

When the game was over some ladies a few rows back gave Anders  a bobble head and said that they had enjoyed watching him get into the game. So fun!

Of course Grandma J., Grandpa J. and Aunt Mary had so much fun experiencing everything with him.

One of the highlights of going to Cincinnati is the trip to Graeters Ice cream parlor. It really is some of the best ice cream I have ever tasted! Anders chose chocolate chocolate chip and loved it.

I think that he may have

 slightly overindulged... Although he seemed to be o.k. after a little while.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cincinnati, Flooding and Family Additions. (no I'm not pregnant.)

Well, we're off to Cincinnati as of tomorrow morning and I can't wait! I have to admit that things have been a bit dreary around here lately and I am really looking forward to some "fun" time with Chris' folks. It will be so nice to have Anders entertained and maybe get a date night with my hubby. Oh, and I can't forget to mention the thrill of Skyline chili! We'll also be getting to go to a Cincinnati Reds game on Saturday night after seeing a butterfly exhibit. When I get home I'll post pictures.
Today is filled with laundry and packing which goes pretty slowly with a child wrapped around my legs. To make this day even better I went out onto our patio this morning and there were ants all over the stroller and water leaking out from under the laundry door. It turns out that our upstairs neighbors have a hole in their automatic watering system hose which has flooded their balcony and is seeping through our porch ceiling. Of course they are on vacation. It looks like our whole porch roof may need to be torn out and redone soon. Luckily we'll be gone this weekend while they deal with the damage. =0)

On another note I am so excited for my Cousin Peter and his wife Amanda who had a little baby girl named Kana yesterday! She is so cute and has the sweetest dimple on her chin! It's always exciting to have a new baby added to the family.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bread Baking Day

Today was the day I had designated to making bread for this week and next. I found an amazing recipe for an Amish White Bread and decided that this was a good easy recipe for me to cut my bread baking teeth on.  Growing up we had Swiss and German girls who lived with us to learn English. They would make these amazing braided loaves of bread that I haven't experienced since. 

Our day started with a long walk to the store to buy some yeast. Since I don't have a car now I'm having to plan things out a little better so that I don't run out of something like this and have to make an extra trip. 

It ended up being a nice walk and I'm sure I got some sun since it was so hot out even at 9:30 in the morning!

I enjoyed seeing the yeast work as the bread rose quickly.

As you can see the loaves came out just right except for the wrinkles on top. Next time I'll make them a bit smoother before letting them rise in the pan. I have to say that I am very proud of my first real bread baking attempt, and I'm surprised at how easy it was!

Little Helper

Anders loved being my little helper today while I baked.  He got to help me hold the beater and then lick the beater! Lucky boy! Of course washing his hands before and after baking was a huge highlight and he really wanted me to get a picture of him doing that.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Somebody's Catching O-on...

Whenever Anders is acting up or seems tired or hungry, Chris and I refer to him as "somebody". As in "somebody's tired!" or "somebody's hungry!"  Yesterday Anders was especially hyper/cranky/two and so at some point while driving to lunch we referred to him in our usual way "hmmm I think that somebody is hungry!" He yelled back "SOMEBODY IS NOT HUNGRY!"

We figure that someday Anders will right an angsty book or screenplay all about how up until the age of three he thought his name was "somebody".  Now that might be cause for therapy!