Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A little catch up perhaps?

It has been too long since I have posted. We moved the weekend before last and there is no internet, computer or television which is both good and bad. It's good when Chris is home but bad when Anders is in bed and I am home alone. Let's just say that I've been getting plenty of sleep. Today the cable guy is coming and we'll at least have Wifi so I can catch up a little on my iPhone. We haven't been missing the unhealthy amounts of t.v. watching and since we have a little dvd player/t.v. Anders can watch dvds every once in a while. All of my books, cds and dvds are packed away in storage so I'll be hitting up the library today for a few movies and books. I do have a Kindle but because of a lack of Wifi I haven't been able to download any books while at home. But I will as soon as I can!

I haven't begun to feel settled in the new place yet. The storage is really limited and I just feel like I'm bumping into something wherever I turn. Since the house was unoccupied for almost a year with the windows open, I'm fighting a small war against little buggies that think it's their house too. I've sprayed bug spray around the perimeter as well as around baseboards and windows and it looks like I may win yet! On the upside, it is VERY quiet and peaceful at night and since we don't have curtains or shades up yet we fall asleep to moonlight and mysterious tree shadows every night. Very relaxing. Our friends who live in the front house are so gracious and we're really glad to get to live so near them. The girls have been very sweet to Anders and so far we've only had one "inccident" where Anders wasn't so kind and I had to have a "coming to Jesus meeting" with him. We like having the dogs to play with and the big chocolate lab Charley comes to visit sometimes and "vacuum" my kitchen floor.
I'll post picures as soon as things are in order and we have a computer to post from. Today I'm visiting the computer center at our old apartment while Anders is in pre-school.