Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Would You Like Some Stove Top Mr. Slash?

It's interesting living in an area where many famous people live. Every once in a while I'll see someone and do a double take and realize that they were someone famous or semi-famous. I've seen Howie Mandel, Pamela Anderson, some comedian named Robert Schimmel (who I overheard talking to his kids at a McDonalds about some family drama and later read what that drama was), and Cheryl Crow.

 Today I decided to get out and walk the 30 minutes to the local Albertson's. While I was there some guy with huge black curly hair and rocker clothes asked me where the Stove Top stuffing could be found. I gave him my best guess and I kept walking. Then I began wondering if that could have been Slash from the band Guns 'n  Roses? Sometimes it's hard to tell if you see a someone in person that you have only seen in pictures or on t.v. So maybe it wasn't Slash or, maybe it was.... Only he would know.

 life in Southern California isn't dull that's for sure!


Heidi said...

That's funny.

Cristen said...

Hysterical!!! He probably appreciated you because you gave the directions without asking for an autograph! Very cool.