Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cringe Worthy

A couple of days ago I went through a box of "memories" that I have been lugging around with me each time I move. It had old art supplies, drawings from various art classes, art books, old letters, journals and other random bits mostly from high-school and college. Of course there were some great letters from my cousins Joy and Daniel who were living in the Philippines at the time but there were also letters from various boys that I had been friends with as well. Every one of the letters made me smile or laugh but my favorite articles were the ones that made me cringe.

One notebook in particular is especially cringe worthy. It's a book of short essay's that we had to write in English class at the beginning of each period. It was timed and themed and we had to write from our heart and not be concerned about spelling or grammar. (oh and I didn't worry about those one bit!)

I thought it would be funny to share one of these essay's every so often especially if it is cringe worthy! I was idealistic, judgmental, sloppy, and fairly honest. CRINGE. (the misspellings are original.)

Here is one that was in response to an editorial in our school news paper.

January 22, 1993

"I think that the editorial was very good. Personnely I don't have any teachers who make me feel hopeless or down trodden. I think this is because I am in the Academy and all the acadamy teachers want us to succeed. If you read this Ms. Turner I think that you are one of my favorite teachers because you are so positive. You have good control over the class and you want all of your students to do well! I all ways like to come to your class because I know it will be orderly and organized and we can't take advantage of you. Thank you!! I don't have a problem with any teachers so I really think that I am finished writing in my journal now. But the time isn't up yet so I have to keep writing untill the timer rings."

Apparently the timer rung and put me out of my misery. I don't think our school was at the top of the academic food chain and there was quite a bit of chaos if I remember correctly...
Oh and Ms. Turner thought I was great and now I know why!


Mom said...

Oh, you little cutie! That was a good one for a cringe, and I loved the spelling! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Heidi said...

That was great. I didn't cringe at all! I just enjoyed it. I think it's easier to cringe at our own work, at least I sure do. That's why I hate proof reading my own stuff.

Cristen said...

Lol! Good one. I had an english class at OSU where we had to write down random thougths for two minutes! It was funny to go back and read them. I wish I had saved that particular notebook!

Great memories!