Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Fun

Here are a few pictures from today. After church we found a little local diner for lunch. Chris and Anders have this airplane game going where Chris makes his hand into an "airplane" and it talks to Anders either a Morgan Freeman voice which sounds wise and fatherly or a more wild Chris Rock voice which is just funny..... It's a great restaurant game.

This evening we went to the community center and listened to a concert of Billy Joel songs. It really was lovely and we are looking forward to more Sunday night concerts!

Of course there were many funny little quips that Anders said along with what I wrote in my previous post.  This afternoon Chris was feeling a little run down and so Anders thought he'd say that he didn't feel good either (in hopes of getting some cherry Tylenol). I humored him and said well, how do you feel? He answered, "like pizza".

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Grandma Seelye said...

I love hearing Anders new words!Sounds like a fun day. love you