Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shorts, Pokichokes and mothballs

Tonight while I was putting Anders down, I was discussing whether or not he might get cold, with Chris. Anders was wearing little pj shorts and a long sleeve shirt and socks. After Chris and I were done talking Anders pointed to his legs and said "more shorts!" Because more shorts would keep his legs warmer...

A couple of nights ago I was cooking up some scrumptious artichokes that my mom had gifted to me. I told Anders what I was making. He melted onto the floor and cried "No pokichokes! No pokichokes!!!" I guess that I wouldn't want to eat something called "pokichokes" either! (He ended up loving them).

On another note, the smell in our apartment didn't go away with the changing of the air filter. We realized that it was our neighbors on the other side of our kitchen. We now have a constant smell of moth balls and curry that gets worse around meal times. 
Today I had someone from the apartment come out to see how bad it was. They say we don't share an air vent so the neighbors apartment must REAK.
Part of me feels bad for being so annoyed with the smell and for complaining. In most places in the world it's completely normal to smell your neighbors curry and moth balls. We are just so isolated and sterile here. I just want to smell my own candles or dirty dishes. Not someone else's idea of "homey".


Heidi said...

When we lived in our apartment in Palmdale, I could smell our neighbors' smells, especially one, when I walked by their apartment. Fortunately we didn't share any walls with them. The girls and I had some big conversations about how the food people eat and the spices they use make such a difference in their smell.

Cristen said...

Oh, sorry about the smell. Is this something that you can get rid of? Sometimes when you walk by people's houses or apartments you can smell the spices and different smells from the sidewalk!