Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lucky One

We had a lovely night going out to a local little bbq place called Chewy's tonight. It's such a funky place with airbrush graffiti all over the walls. It's totally loud and has 4 big video arcade games and two of those stuffed animal grabbers. I love this place because Chris and I can enjoy our meal and Anders runs off to "play" the arcade games. 
It's fairly small and we can usually see where Anders is at all times. Near the end of our drawn out meal, Anders came running up with a cheap little stuffed bear with the tags still attached. I started asking him where he got it and a mom on the other side of the restaurant near the stuffed animal machine, called out that he had won it! Somehow he had been able to play the grabber game and had won himself a toy!  We still have no idea how he got the machine to work with no money and actually win.

We figure that he had some luck on his side tonight.


Cristen said...

Wow, it was his lucky day. Maybe there was a turn left on the machine and someone left it? Or someone left the bear behind? Regardless it probably made his whole day!!!!

Mike said...

Where's the photos for this story??? Hilarious images I'm sure!

Heidi said...

Abigail has this ability to find money, or shake candy out of machines. It's always pretty amazing to see what she comes back with at places like that.