Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunflower Update

So far our little "sunflower farm" is growing nicely! Probably due to the 90+ weather we have had for the last week and a half. (luckily the weather has cooled off yesterday and today!) We've enjoyed checking up on it everyday and seeing the little sprouts get bigger. 


Cristen said...

Sunflowers are my FaVORITE flowers! We always try to grow them but the chipmunks and squirrels always get to them! Keep us posted!

Can I also mention how envious I am that you are having such great weather. Last week we had 40 degrees and rain all week. This weekend it will be in the 80's. We go from winter coats to shorts and flip flops!!!

Ariana said...

Aw, how fun to watch those grow! Love the picture of him tending the plants.

Anonymous said...

Gretchen, how high do you think your sunflower farm will grow?

Last year some wild ones here on the Front Range grew to be well over seven feet tall! (I didn't measure them; when wearing boots, I'm around six feet four, and they were much taller than I am :)

It would not surprise me if yours grow to be real tall too!