Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Doing The Right Thing

Today while on the ride home from visiting my folks and spending some time at Disneyland, I had Dr. Laura on the car radio.  A women called in who was trying to figure out how to respond to an incident with her kindergarten age daughter.  Apparently, her daughter had pinched another child because that child was bullying another kid and no one was doing anything to intervene. So the girl took the matters into her own hands and stopped it by pinching the perpetrator.
The teacher called the mom and let her know that her daughter had been written up in the class "oops book" which I guess is a kind of accounting for bad behavior. Of course the daughter was devastated since she was usually a good kid.

I loved Dr. Laura's answer! She told the mother to march down to the school and tell the teacher that she had made it into the "oops book"!  And how would she like it if someone was bullying her and no one did anything about it! Her point was that we are teaching our kids to be afraid of doing the right thing in the moment by standing by and not intervening if evil is occurring.  We are becoming a nation that is afraid of getting in the "oops book". Wow!
I agree that it's important to teach our kids to stand up for what is right and good even if it is embarrassing or gets us in trouble. Because doing right and standing up for what is right makes our society great. It's what we can't lose and if we do, who will stand up for what is right? The tyrants and bully's will win and everyone else will be weak and scared! 

I have to say it perked up my day considerably to hear this one!

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Sara Carmichael said...

So true, Gretchen. I think the only thing I might have done differently is teach my child that the better thing would be to run and get an adult to help with the situation and not take it into her own hands.

How so very true about it being true about our culture in general. Wow.

I just love Dr. Laura. Reading her book "In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms" right now. It's AWESOME!!