Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm liking this stage

Being a mom definitely has it's ups and it's downs, but boy am I enjoying Anders this week! For some reason whenever his hair starts getting longer and curlier he seems to act sweeter too. (Maybe I have warmer feelings towards him when he looks like a cherub...). I think that coming home and getting to see how much he grew in the last two weeks of playing with, fighting with, and relating to his cousins is such a contrast. He has grown up a bit, his vocabulary is a little better and he has a new sense of his world and family now.

The day we got home he went for a walk with Chris to the park. Chris asked him if he wanted me to come with them and he said "no, just you daddy". (Heaven knows that he was sick to death of me at that point!) He was so excited to jump on his little red tricycle and pedal as fast and as hard as he could to the park. When we left for Texas, he was still a little tentative. I think that he realized that he really did know how to ride and couldn't wait to prove it to himself. Chris got a great workout following him!

Today when I took him to the park near our house he really enjoyed playing with the older kids that were there for day camp. He stuck by me for a little bit and then ran off to mix it up. What a relief it was to just watch from the shade! I loved seeing him relate to other kids and not want to hang out with me the whole time. I guess that it's his age. He is three and just starting to (barely) want to share. He is noticing others playing and really wants to join in.
At one point today the kids were taking turns sitting on the back of his tricycle as he "taxied" them around. Then he wised up and let someone else have his bike to do the taxiing and ran off to play airplane with two other boys. When I came to collect him I asked the boys where they were flying to. One said "space!" the other said "Mongolia, that's where Gangues Kahn lives!" Anders thought that Texas was the destination.

I'm looking forward to this new "big boy" stage. Babies are cute and all but getting to see your little person grow up can't be beat!


Mom said...

This are sweet new posts, dear. I like knowing what some of your emotions were upon returning and the pictures at Erin's are really cute. Love of the one with Anders and his longer hair and cut face! Thanks!

David Cox said...

Anders look older to me! My mom said she enjoyed every stage of us four boys growing up. So glad you are too. Love you three. Dad

Anonymous said...

Yep, we named this year the "Thrilling Threes". We enjoyed it too.
aunt G

Cristen said...

It's amazing isn't it. It seems they literally grow up overnight. Changes every day.I love it!