Monday, August 3, 2009

More Stockyard Pictures

One of the major highlights was watching the big vintage train pull into the stockyard area. It is extremely loud and overwhelming especially for those who love trains and think about them, read about them, watch them on t.v. but have little experience seeing them in person..... (poor Anders). I'm surprised that I even took a picture of my petrified son when I should have had him wrapped up in my arms! But I did so now the full experience is recorded.

We also visited a fabulous candy store with every kind of candy you could want. Anders chose a huge orange lolly pop and then changed his mind and went for a smaller one. I didn't stop him!

I love the statue of the man taking down the steer. I've admired it both times I have come to the stockyards. It's so dramatic!

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Mom said...

These are great shots! Can't wait to see the girls, here in Cali, next week!