Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Fun

Here are a few pictures from Saturday in Redondo Beach.

Chris has been gone since Friday visiting his family in Cincinnati. His Dad is retiring today and so he wanted to be there to support him and celebrate with everyone. Needless to say I have been trying to kill some time and have fun with Anders despite daddy being gone. We've managed but we will be happy to see him tomorrow!

On Friday when we dropped Chris off at the airport I took PCH back home. We stopped at the Malibu pier and got to watch the fishermen. While on the pier we wandered around to see what people were catching. There was a homeless man (looked homeless) fishing off one side. He was wearing a shirt that said "I used to be Schizophrenic but now we're both fine". I got a laugh out of that, quietly of course... We saw him catch a sting ray and then not throw it back. It was sad to see it flopping around on the wood. I almost asked him if we could throw it back and then I saw a very large knife lying on the ground it made me think twice about asking a homeless guy with an obvious mental disorder anything that might trigger the said mental disorder. So, we just left.

Saturday we spent the afternoon with my parents down in Redondo Beach where they were visiting my Dads Mom. It was fun for Anders to visit with "Great Gram" and also to spend some time at the beach. Of course Anders isn't much of a beach fan yet but he played in the sand the whole time and got a little wet on accident. I felt like he had a good experience overall. =0)

The weather has been really hot this last week which has made it difficult to do anything during the day. We've managed to stay cool in the A/C and just go out in the evenings or go from A/C car to A/C buildings. Today we went to the library and Taco Bell and we'll most likely stay in until it starts to cool a bit. The bees are also out in force right now. I had forgotten how prolific they are in August! They are just all over the pathway to our door and if we leave anything open they drift into the house. Luckily they will be gone in the Winter! I've managed to not freak Anders out too badly by acting as calm as possible although my natural instinct is to swat, scream and run... I guess it's good for me to act a little less crazy around bugs in general and having a little person watching helps.


Mom said...

Have a nice time with Chris when he gets back tomorrow! Nice pictures... it was fun to have you and Anders join us in Redondo. :-)

Grandma Seelye said...

Sounds like you made the best of your weekend without Chris. Good pictures! Love you.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice time at the beach.
aunt G

Cristen said...

The poor sting ray. That makes me sad. Good choice not asking if you could throw it back in!

Your hubby has beautiful weather in Ohio this week. Almost been perfect!!!

Love the pics, glad you can spend quality time with Anders!