Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bee's, babysitting and blistering hot vacations.

Yesterday Anders stepped on a bee and got stung. After the initial crying from the pain he was pretty calm about it. I told him all about how bees don't like to sting because they will die if they do. And how we give them space to work so that we don't scare them and make them sting us. When I told him this he said "The bee is going to heaven? God will take care of it." I agreed with him because I know that God does care even about the little bee that stung my boy. It's also nice to see a little empathy in my child.

On another note, Chris and I have been enjoying being a part of a babysitting co-op in our neighborhood. We get a two hour date every two weeks and about every ten weeks we get all of the kids at our house for the two hours. It's just enough time to have a nice meal out and chat without interruption. Our turn to babysit is coming in about 4 weeks and we are already planning out a game plan to help the time go by fast and for everyone to have fun. I highly recommend something like this for young families!

We are planning a little family getaway hopefully for next week. I've found that going somewhere blistering hot in the summer is usually cheaper than in the winter. So Palm Springs hear we come! It should be fun to lounge by the pool, rent movies and spend time together. I am really looking forward to it. I'll post some pictures when all of the fun is over.


Grandma Seelye said...

Sorry about the bee sting!! But good for you for making it a "teaching moment". Glad you can be involved in the babysitting co-op.Have fun at Palm Springs! Love you.

Anonymous said...

We've found some amazing bargains in PS on Priceline.com. Have Fun!
aunt G

Mom said...

You're getting so brave with bees yourself, GG! One of the blessings of motherhood. :-) I know you'll enjoy PS - just a change of location is a big help, and if you can do it cheaply, then it's even more relaxing! Good planning, dear.

Cristen said...

Baby-sitting coop. Genius!! We need one of those in our neighborhood!