Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nascar and Monorails

Yesterday Anders informed me that he wanted to eat lunch in his "monorail".  Lately he has been slightly obsessed with trains, monorail's, and broken tracks. Oh, and I can't forget broken tires as well.

He is pretty  much into fixing things and all that goes along with that. We're thinking he may have a future in the automotive business as a mechanic or in the rail road industry as a "track fixer" or an engineer.... time will tell.

We also found out that our child really likes Nascar.... yes it's true. This morning while changing the channel on t.v. Nascar came on and Anders was pretty much glued to the t.v. until I decided that Nascar had to be done. There was a meltdown and a lot of  "MORE NASTY CAR!!!"

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