Friday, March 13, 2009

Questionable Crafting...

 ((Warning)) If you're afraid of dolls close this page immediately! 

I am not a crafty person. I like to draw occasionally and dream about things I might like to do if I had the patience, money, time, talent etc.... So when I realized that I was DYING to sew something it surprised me! I haven't had any desire to sew since high school sewing class, 14 years ago, when I attempted to make a pair of blue corduroy overalls with sunflower buttons.... I almost went crazy and completely lost my desire to sew.

A while back I picked up a small (very small) sewing kit for button repair and such. When the desire to sew something came back to me I was so grateful for that little kit! I scrounged around and found a pillow case and some sturdy paper and began to draw a pattern for a doll. Yes, my first project is this doll. I guess I figured it would be an easy instant gratification project with little complication. 

It has been fun and slightly frustrating due to the fact that I've had to hand sew everything and I've never made a doll before. There are many things I will change for the next doll. Yes, there will be another doll at some point. This one needs some clothes and a few other details but overall it has been extremely gratifying and inspiring to actually use a needle and thread to create something.

The only drawback to making dolls is Chris' reaction. Tonight he came in after work, admired my handy work and then said "if it comes after me with a knife in the middle of the night, you know that I will have to burn it...." Of course, I would have no objections at that point.


Mullins said...

I'm impressed, especially given that this is your first venture with dolls. I doubt I could pull that off. It would probably come out all leaning to one side with its leg in its armpit. Good for you for taking it on.

Cristen said...

I too am impressed! My husband would have the exact same comment as yours! You will get better with time. My mom is a wonderful seamstress. She bought me a sewing machine about 10 years ago. I made my husband a pair of flannel pants and a fleece sweatshirt for Christmas one year. It was horrible. One arm was longer than the other, the hood was on the shoulder and not the back, I could go on and on.

Sorry to ramble. Your doll is adorable!!

Gretchen said...

Cristen, that is so funny! Sewing takes a lot of patience! This project is all hand sewn because I don't have a sewing machine and I wish I did! It can get tedious but the end result is turning out to be fun. =0)

Laurel said...

Bravo! I'm impressed with your first attempt - especially by hand. You should continue with this. With your creative juices I see some cute dolls up ahead (not to say that this one wasn't :))