Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ding Dong, Avon Calling...

Since I am officially selling Avon products now, every once in a while I'll post about some of the products that are either a really good deal or that I personally love.
This blog entry is to highlight a couple of good deals and nice "pampering" type items that are fun to have around.

The first one is a portable pedicure set that is a brilliant idea in that it comes with an inflatable tub for foot soaking! No big pedi tub to store under a sink somewhere.

The next is Mandarine and Jasmine body wash for 2.99. It is designed to hang in your shower over the shower head. This one is a really good deal!

Lastly a Plump and Pout lip gloss which is normally 7.00$ but is on sale for 2 for 8$. I love the colors in this gloss.

As you know I love products! I've always liked Avon because they are so affordable and have a ton of different kind of products. So this is a natural step in my search of the right product as well as share them with others!


Cristen said...

Good luck with your business!

Robin said...

I'm glad you're selling it dear... i love that Anew cream that really keeps my face looking a little better than it should! I ran out once and used something else for a few weeks and it started getting scary, just looking in the mirror! Yikes! Plus their .99 deodorant has lots in the bottle and really works.