Saturday, March 7, 2009

Beach Day

Here are a few pictures of the hour we spent at the beach today. It doesn't help that Chris is almost albino and neither  of us has seen too much of the sun lately, we had to call it short so that we wouldn't be burnt to a crisp. The weather was sunny, breezy and almost cold. But it felt so nice to be outside soaking up some Vitamin D. 


Anonymous said...

Hey Gretchen, how was the water? (Ha-ha)

You guys don’t look too pale in these photos... Yet even if you did, I think it’s better to be too pale, than too tan & with skin like prunes.... BTW, you have really lovely skin, and I can only imagine Chris really appreciates that quality about you.

Erin said...

You both look very relaxed! How nice to have the weekend to yourselves... :)

Gretchen said...

It was very relaxing. =0)