Sunday, March 22, 2009

Unprofessional Family Photos And Church Rules I Don't Agree With.

So tonight we had some fun with the digital camera. Anders was in rare form and willing to make silly faces as well as show a little smile. So here is our "not so professional family photo shoot". 

On another note, last night we had the idea to try a church that we had heard was quite good and had a fabulous kids program. Since we never get to sit together in our current church situation (Chris is the sound guy), we thought it might be fun to attend a Saturday night service  together if we could find a good church.  Saturday is usually a nap day and this was no exception. I finally got a dinner packed for Anders, made myself somewhat presentable and helped Chris find socks. We hurried out the door knowing that it would take us a good 25 minutes to get there and we would be pretty late.

The service started at 5:30 and we didn't get there until 6:00. We parked in the visitors parking right in front, outfitted Anders with his "diaper/snack backpack", and quietly made our way into the lobby.
Right away we spotted the children's sign in area as it had a big sign that said "DISCOVERY LAND!" All jungle themed and very nicely painted.

There was  a surly looking teenager leaning on  a desk so I asked him if this was where we signed our child in?  "Uh.... you're too late... the sign-in ended at 5:45... so... yeah. Sorry."  I of course pushed the subject. "So you're saying that because we are late we can't leave our child in kids church? We've never been here before and we didn't know there was a rule....". "Yeah, sorry." Ugggg.

We wandered around the church to see what it was like and we found a sympathetic staff member who reiterated the rule but was willing to give us a more extensive tour. The kids area was pretty darn nice and looked well run. There were lots of good programs and family events. The sermon sounded pretty good from the lobby, too bad we couldn't bring our squirmy, talkative two year old in...

After the tour we high tailed it to our car where we discussed what had happened. I had a pretty strong reaction to the situation and was disgusted, annoyed, righteously perturbed etc... Chris on the other hand was more level headed and somewhat sided with the church rule.

But come on, what kind of church turns away completely new people for being late? Really?? In the end we decided to go for fish'n chips. That we could agree on.


megan said...

I think it's unfair to punish the kids who are at the mercy of their parents driving.

I can't believe they turned you away, especially someone who's new. that's crazy.

Honestly if I turned away late people, i'd only have half of my kids there. I know that parents are late, and some of my parents like their little ones in worship with them and bring them in later after adult worship. I allow the frist 15-20 minutes to be kids worship, so that kids that come in late aren't lost or confused because we are in the middle of a story or game.

I'm sorry that church was rude and not welcoming.

His peace,

Cristen said...

Wow, I can't believe it either. You would think the church would allow people to come when they can. Wow.

Cristen said...

BTW, great pictures!