Thursday, March 19, 2009

Suggestions Please

So, what does a mom do with their active toddler boys while the mom is sick? Yesterday my throat felt raw and by today I had a full blown drippy, stuffy, sneezy cold. All I want to do is lay in bed with a whole box of kleenex stuffed up my nose. Slight wrench in the works was my wild boy who wanted to chase, run, build, climb, and wreak havoc. I did a little chasing but mostly let him watch Noggin all day.
  We "worked" on potty training since we are almost out of diapers and pay day is tomorrow. So in the name of conserving I let him run around half naked and set the potty up in the living room in front of the t.v.  It brought me some amusement to see his little bum with the round "potty ring" running around. 
So, if you've been in this situation (and I know many of you have) I'm open for suggestions for the next sick day where all I want to do is crawl under my pillow and sleep.


Anonymous said...

I have not been in your situation, but know of those that have, so consider creating a short list of friends and family you trust that would be happy to care for you son---while you care for yourself.... I've been told this works well, and be sure to return the favor by being on their short list for when they get sick.

Gretchen said...

Good suggestion Daniel.

Anonymous said...

Gretchen, a Children's Minister friend and I just started a blog for the purpose of prayer requests----like an hour or two ago!

You, your blog fans, family, and friends are all very welcome to participate:

Gypmar said...

I'll be checking back for people's ideas--I always go the "approved" TV shows all day route, myself.