Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well, it looks like tomorrow we are going to be adding a new member to our family!
  It all started on Monday when I was looking for cheap or free patio tables on Craigslist. I didn't find a table but I did find a very small and very fluffy puppy! She's 6 weeks old and is a long haired chihuahua mix. Chris and I did a lot of hemming and hawing over the decision but in the end has worked out and I will pick her up tomorrow afternoon. 

Anders and I went to the local dog park to meet her on Tuesday and yes she was a little ball of love. Although Anders thought that maybe she was a large and very scary/amazing bear, and freaked out when she gave him a little lick on the nose and then talked about the puppy, baby the rest of the afternoon. We're hoping that having her around will help him get over his fear/idolization of dogs and that he will grow up learning to be a responsible and kind dog owner.

Here is a picture of the dog we will be calling "bitsy".


Anonymous said...

Gretchen, what a really cute puppy! And, “Bitsy,” what a perfect name for her! And in my opinion, she's at least a 1000 times cuter than a purebred short-haired Chihuahua! She doesn't even look real---looks more like a toy animal! And because she’s a mixed-breed, she’s probably going to be super smart!

My last dog was a really cool 90 something pound blond colored dog-wolf mix that lived to be 17 years old, and she was so smart that she could open a door by turning the doorknob with her mouth (I didn’t teach her, she just watched how people open a door).

I bet Bitsy will bring much joy into your house, and because she's a small breed, I would not be surprised if she lives long enough to lick the faces of your future grandchildren!


Gretchen said...

Oh boy, she will probably live a long time unless she gets underfoot.... that's our biggest worry. She is sooo tiny and fragile!
We are big dog people but we live in a little dog apartment. We didn't want to put a big dog in such a small space.
Your dog sounds like she was pretty special! Hopefully Bitsy will be smart, friendly as well.

DorK said...


Erin said...

Bitsy is such a cutie! We will love seeing her at Christmas. I showed Garrett the picture of her and he leaned forward and wanted to hug her!