Friday, December 5, 2008

Contemplating Late Nights and Toddler Barf

I have to admit that at one in the morning I was still up reading Twilight. I was caught up in the story of good vampires verses bad vampires and would have kept reading if it weren't for the baby monitor that erupted in a cacophony of coughing... 

So, the last few days Anders has had a little runny nose. It's been accompanied by a small but persistent cough.  So last night/this morning when he started coughing in earnest I jumped up to go check on him. Chris was still up as well and had already beat me to it.  We went in to the room and patted his back and Chris went to make him a little juice/water bottle (yes he still gets a bottle) I'll save that one for another day... Anyways he started coughing again as I was carrying him over to the changing table and that cough included a nice gag which turned into a memorable "mom" moment that included little bits of broccoli. Needless to say I had to change my nightgown and give my arm a good wipe.  After changing the diaper and waiting a good half hour we decided it was o.k. to put him back to bed.   There was a slight disagreement about whether it was "play time" or not but in general he went down fairly easily.

This morning I slept in until 8:30 (whoo hooo!) and gingerly made my way into what I hoped wasn't a crib of carnage. Luckily all was well and now the day can proceed without extra loads of laundry and lots of lysol.

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Sara Carmichael said...

Oooooh! Poor Anders. I just hate it when my babies are sick. I hope he's feeling better soon. :0(