Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jacket Shmacket!

This is a favorite pastime in the afternoons around here. I get to work on straightening up the house and Anders gets to play outside in front of our apartment. It takes up a good hour and he is extremely thrilled to be left alone. Except for the bottom picture where I had the audacity to suggest that he put on a jacket. Oh the consternation!


Gypmar said...

Well, you're not alone in jacket shmacket land. Willem won't wear one until it cools down to the 40's. Anders strikes me has the type of fellow who won't be shy about telling you when he finally needs one :)

What a blessing that he enjoys playing on his own! Truly, it's a sanity-preserver.

Gretchen said...

Hi Gypsy! Glad you found my new blog. You are right about him not being shy about asking for what he wants! It turned out that he wanted a "long sleeved shirt" not a jacket... so specific!