Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh The Mess The Mess The Mess!

So, before Chris went to work today (which was especially early for our house hold) at 7:30, he made a passing comment about out bedroom and the "state" it is in. Let's just say that it is a mess. Well, let me rephrase that with saying that everything that was out of place or in the way in the rest of the house somehow ends up in our room along with toys, books, papers, clothes that have no home, and random other bits and pieces of "stuff". (The rest of the house is fairly neat)....

 Now, when we moved into this new place we wanted to make our room an oasis. A place to relax and reflect. My hubby had a lovely vision of a cozy little arm chair next to the widow for me to curl up and read. I pictured a candle burning, sweet smells and soft music.... We even picked out a lovely shade of paint called "Marina Isle" and painted the wall behind our bed. Such high hopes.

Cut to 4 months later and there is no peaceful scene and no sweet smell. Just piles of who knows what and where it all goes! Darn it! I have NO idea how to keep up with all of this stuff!  I mean, when we moved I threw away literally bags and bags of STUFF.  I'm sure all of it was important at one time or another but for some reason it just turned into STUFF and it needed to go.  I like the ideas that FlyLady suggests and I have to say that those techniques have helped me immensely but for some reason the bedroom becomes a dumping ground for all of the clutter that collects in the house. 

So as I sit here and write this I am also planning a major room makeover. We need our oasis! I also am scheming about ways to avoid this traffic jam of STUFF in the future. 

Here are a couple of ideas (for myself) or anyone who is interested in how my room got messy in the first place....

- Always put clean laundry away IMMEDIATELY.
-Don't dump paper work to "look at later" on the little table next to the computer.
-Make the bed every day.
-Do laundry daily
-Don't use bed as a clothes rack
- Toys need to go where toys go in the child's room!
-When I use the hand vacuum, put it away
-Have a place for projects, preferably out of sight

I'm sure there is more and I'll find those when I get to work on this place.

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Ariana said...

It's funny-- I just started reading this, and though "I wonder if she knows about FlyLady." Then I read on, and you're way ahead of me! Good for you.