Sunday, December 28, 2008

March Forth

I was listening to our new Bose sound system today. It's the one where you can plug in your iphone or your ipod and play what's uploaded on it. Last year Chris gave me an ipod and had uploaded some of my favorite songs on it. It has Patsy Kline, John Denver, a James Blunt song, and a few others. I need to upload more! 

Anyways while I was listening to John Denver, Annies Song came on and it reminded me of our wedding which was three years ago this March. We walked down the isle to the instrumental version of that song and every time I hear it I am moved.  Our wedding was so special to us of course and we always say that it was the best wedding that we had been too. I don't know if the other guests felt that way but we sure did!! 

  We look forward to celebrating our anniversary in a few months but I won't wait until then to honor the vows we took on that cold clear day on March 4th 2006.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bride and handsome groom!

Gretchen, it’s so clear that you and yours have a marriage Blessed by God---I mean----just look at that smile on your son’s face!

You might not believe this, but when I get married, and “IF” it’s to the love of my life, then I’m actually going to sing “Annie’s Song” to her at the wedding! Sure, my voice won’t sound like John Deutschendorf (my voice is deeper), and I’ll be playing a 6-string guitar instead of a 12-string (but I’ll be playing the same notes JD did), so while my rendition won’t be anything near professional quality, I think it’ll be good enough so I won’t embarrass her!

Robin said...

This is a sweet post, dear. You had such a lovely wedding. I love the pictures! Bless you in the New Year!