Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Play Dates and Exclamations

This past week we had a couple of fun play dates and although I didn't get much variety in my pictures I did get at least one with each friend. On my birthday we met my friend Kristy and her daughter Violet and son James who is slightly younger than Anders, in Arcadia at a fun indoor playground. The boys really get along well and it was fun to have some quality friend time.
The top picture was taken with some friends from Anders school. The two boys were in his Sea Stars class and they get along pretty well. The girls are the sisters of the boy in the yellow hat. This family lives in a very large and grand house up Mulholland drive which is not too far away from our apartment. The boys had a ton of fun throwing dust at each other and riding bikes all around the hardwood floors in the house.

On a side note I have to share Anders exclamatory words as of late. More for my memory down the rode.  Anders is very exclamatory. He loves getting a rise out of me and he loves saying things that sound "on the edge". A few of my favorites are, "OH PANIC!", "SHUCK IT OFF!" (We think this one comes from us telling him to "shake it off" after a tumble.), "BAM-IT!",  "YOU NUDY" (not sure where this one comes from because we have never used the word "nude" in our house), "BOSSY BOILER!" and "STINKY STEAMY!" (Thank you Thomas the Train....)

I've been trying to curtail some of the more negative phrases although Chris and I have to really work at not laughing....

Hanging out with our German/Swedish friends

James and Anders enjoying lunch at Cheesecake Factory on my B-Day


Great Aunt Gretchen said...

Anders' sayings sound a lot like the funny phrases in the Tintin comic books! So funny!
Aunt G

Robin said...

Oh, fun to see these pictures! We're looking forward to his big party tomorrow... see you then!

Gypmar said...

I LOVE the exclamations! Good for you for getting them all down!

Natalie said...

Gretchen, I am honestly amazed with Anders' exclamatory words! I almost want to copy some of them - for a nice, satisfying exclamation which sounds so vivid and shocking....yet totally innocent, lol.