Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Birthday pictures

Anders 4 year old Birthday was quite a success. On his actual b-day we went to Carney's (a train car restaurant) for lunch. Then we hopped on the red line subway and took it down to Hollywood to see Toy Story 3 in 3-D at the El Capitan Theater! After the movie there was a carnival with rides, shows and fun music. What an amazing day it turned out to be! 
The next day was the party and we had about 9 kids over to our apartment for an old fashioned birthday party. The theme was water and trains. The kids all seemed to have a blast and Anders was totally thrilled with the "fishing" game we played. My dad hid behind a blanket and each child got to "go fishing" over the blanket. They would "catch" little prizes to take home. It was a hit! So many pictures were taken but here are just a few.

Carney's Restaurant 

I'm 4!!

A little apprehensive about the subway trip

The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood
The Ferris wheel and getting to meet Buzz Light Year and Woody!

The train cake that I made

Fun water play at the party


Great Aunt Gretchen said...

Yea for old fashioned home parties! Trains & water make a perfect theme. Looks like the kids had a blast.

Anonymous said...

I love the cake!!:):) Looks like Anders had a great time! Also, I can totally imagine Uncle David doing a great job at the fishing game!

- Katie

Ariana said...

I love the whole train-themed day and party. What a great cake!! I sure wish we could have celebrated Ander's sweet little life with you.