Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just the facts Ma'am.

Here's a list.

1. Anders and I had lower intestinal bug last week. (it lasted a WHOLE week)
2. Now Chris feels lousy.
3. This is the last full week of pre-school.
4. I'm sad about that.
5. I'm looking forward to a family gathering in Flagstaff at the end of July.
6. I hope Flagstaff in July will won't be sweltering.
7. Chris' 20th, yes 20th high school reunion is in August.
8. I hope we can scrape enough mulah together to make it to Cincinnati in August.
9. I'm looking at a never ending pile of laundry.
10. I'm reading a great book called "Parenting with love and logic".
11. It's helping.
12. I need to color my hair.
13. You probably don't care.
14. This list is getting random.

O.k. that will do.


mary said...

Hi Gretchen, I really like the book you are reading now and have recommended to a lot of parents. It will serve you well even through the teen years.
Hope your week gets better

Anonymous said...

So funny, GG! I love the list. I hope Chris feels better soon! Glad the Love & Logic book is helping...I should take a second look at that myself soon...


Grandma Seelye said...

I love your "facts" list. and yes,I do care!! ;-). See you tomorrow for my cut. Love you.

Cristen said...

My first year in college, once a week in an English class (or maybe it was speech) we took two minutes and wrote down random thoughts in our head. Could be anything! Your post reminded me of that!! Love it. I so wish I had saved that notebook because the days of wondering what I was wearing when I went out that Friday night sounds so much better than how I was going to pay the mortgage or buy groceries!!!

I may borrow your idea for a future post!!!

Robin said...

Love your list! Glad the book is helping... it always feels great to have something work when you need it to! Thanks for the perm yesterday, it feels good.