Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday's and other busyness

The last week has been filled with busyness including a surprise Birthday party (for me), major house de-cluttering in preparation for Anders Birthday party this coming Saturday, friends and parents visiting and Fathers Day.

Last Wednesday I had plans to go out for coffee with a friend. She was supposed to show up around 6:30 with some left overs for dinner. I was quite excited about not having to think up dinner! At 6:30 the door bell rang and I opened it to see another good friend and neighbor, Nikki standing there! She informed me that she would be babysitting for me. Hmmm. I was confused. Then the coffee friend, Jennifer showed up but with no dinner in hand and all dressed up..... another hmmm.
The story was that Chris couldn't get home in time from work to relieve me so he called Nikki to watch Anders. Jennifer said that she thought it would be more fun to have a "girls night out" and told me to go get gussied up.
While this is all going on Anders is crying/screaming because minutes before Nikki arrived he had slammed into the bathroom counter and had a nice little gash next to his eye. I had been cleaning all afternoon and so I looked really frazzled. Messy ponytail, maternity culottes and stained t-shirt (the picture of domestic bliss). Mind you, I thought I'd have a few minutes to clean up before a nice quiet dinner and casual coffee out with a friend....

Luckily Anders thinks that Nikki is pretty fun and started to cheer up. I ran and did a quick mini make-over and was able to pull it together enough to get out the door and not scare anyone. Jennifer had forgotten a coupon at her house so we made our way over there to pick it up. Since I had never been over there she insisted that I come up with her to see her place. I left my purse in the car and ran up with her. As we walked in the door I realized what all of the confusion was about. Six good friends all jumped out to surprise me for my Birthday!  Chris and Jennifer really pulled it off without me guessing anything. I was completely surprised and really glad that I had put on deodorant and face powder!
My parents came out on Saturday to cap off the festivities and our friends Nikki and Peter joined us for dinner and late night game playing.

Birthday #34 ranks up there with some of my favorite Birthday's so far.

Tomorrow my Mother-in-law flies in from Cincinnati and this week will be filled with party planning and fun.


Grandma Seelye said...

What a very special 34th birthday!! What nice friends you have and husband too!!! Love you.

Great Aunt Gretchen said...

sounds like a wonderful birthday!
aunt G

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such a fun surprise for your birthday!