Monday, February 2, 2009

So, today Anders and I ventured back to our local library. We haven't been since November mostly because I owed some fine money and wasn't able to cough up the six dollars (or so I though) at the time. 
It turned out that I owed nineteen dollars! Whoo hoo! Uggg....

 Anyways we had a blast as usual and Anders saw a little boy named Tristan who we see at the park and at M.O.P.S. They had fun running around and acting silly while we tried to "shush" them.
I love our library but not as much as the library that I grew up with. At my hometown library, the librarians were always helpful, liked kids and had some fun event or activity going on almost throughout the whole year. The books were always well stocked and the room was fairly sound proof and removed from the rest of the library.

This library is very nice and mostly friendly although I have been told to "quiet down" a couple of times. :0} It is a bit more echoey and I can't seem to find all of the good classic books. I'm still acclimating myself to the new environment.

The big highlight for me was sitting in a little chair and reading to Anders while the other two little boys ran around like wild banshees. The moms were amazed that he sat so still and was so interested in the book! I'm happy to have a son who loves to be read to and who is genuinely interested in books.


Gypmar said...

That is some library fine!

I brought an overdue book in to our library here in Camas and went up to the librarian at the desk to face the music. I told her it was late and asked what I owed and she looked at me with disdain and said "We don't charge fines," as though my question had been in extremely poor taste.

I'm still trying to figure out how it was rated the #1 library in WA state. I had a hard time just figuring out where the books were, and the folks who work there are not at all welcoming or helpful.

p.s. My "word verification" word is "skince" and I wish it were a real word. It should be.

Gretchen said...

I was just talking to Erin and she said that they don't charge fines in Dallas either! Man how nice!!
Funny, "skince"... Sometimes I wonder if someone is having a blast coming up with these words. said...

Oh Gretchen, didn't we have a nice library? I love the book-y smell in there! We paid our share of fines, but it was worth it. Nice memories.

Ariana said...

This reminds me of a post I saw on failblog where someone was writing in to Yahoo Answers or something like that, asking if there was some kind of place that they could rent books-- their sister was buying so many every year, they thought she could save a bundle by just paying a rental fee! It's still worth serious fines, we save so much money anyway, right?