Sunday, February 1, 2009

Econimizing And A Review

So, in my quest to simplify, economize and generally spend less on things, I bit the bullet and found the least expensive makeup foundation I could find. I had run out of my other options which ranged from a fairly expensive Bare Minerals powder foundation to the very inexpensive before shipping E.L.F. foundation. Trying to economize I went online to by the latter and found that after shipping it really wasn't worth it.
Later that day I went to my local Alberstons and looked through all of the choices. I settled on a Cover Girl clean makeup in natural beige. It was a little over 5$ (great price in my opinion!).  It looked a little too pink in the bottle but it was the closest I could find to my shade. It has done the job and so far no one has commented that my face has a pinky glow to it. 

The down side to this brand was that there were so few options of colors and the colors that they did have were less natural looking in the bottle. But the price was right and it is smooth and creamy and easy to apply.


Anonymous said...

Gretchen, since you have red hair, seems like a bit of a pinky glow would look more natural & enhancing, than non-enhancing anyhow...?

What is the SPF factor of this new stuff? I recently read in a health article about skin care that concealers & foundations should have a SPF factor of at least 15, and it seems like in California with all that sunshine, a higher number SPF would be extra important. (No, I don't wear makeup! I'm 100% guy and 0% pretty! LOL)

What's your favorite children's book? (I posed the question in my latest, "Too Funny or Interesting to Forget ~" post....:-)

Gretchen said...

Yes it seems about right. As far as children's books go, I have many but the Little House books area at the top.

Grandma Seelye said...

Thats the brand of foundation I use too.Some time ago I read that Laura Bush used Cover Girl.So I gave it a try and liked it.Good bargain! Love Grandma