Saturday, February 21, 2009

10 Things That Make Me Squirm

1. Being called "Suzy Homemaker". It's usually used as a compliment but there is a ring of sarcasm attached to the title. (I don't consider myself the above title but have been called that once or twice when discussing some recipe or other "homey" thing I've done.)

2. Rereading posts and finding words that spell check didn't find because it was spelled right but was the wrong spelling for the meaning.... i.e. "Passed" vs. "Past". (I usually post at night when I am least functional.)

3. Hangnails

4. Tucked in sheets. They make me feel claustrophobic.

5. Being told what to do. This is a bit of a character flaw on my account. Growing up one of my favorite phrases when one of my parents tried to give some valuable instruction was "I KNOW-A!" I now know how little I "know-a".

6. This relates to number five. Reading the word "explain" in a book. I used to skip over this word intentionally due to my dislike of it but would revel in the word "exclaim". Especially if it was followed with an exclamation mark.

7. Unpacked boxes

8. Claymation (although it's less detestable to me now that I have a child.)

9. Pilly old blankets with cartoon characters on them hanging in windows like a curtain.

10. Intricate technological jargon.


Gypmar said...

Being called "Suzy Homemaker" would definitely make me squirm too.

Fortunately for me, I'm pretty sure that no one would ever think to call me that.

Because UNfortunately for me, I lack the proficiency in homemaking that the name implies.

As for Claymation, Wallace and Gromit have been the be all and the end all with our boys since they were very, very small. And I like it too. "Cracking toast, Gromit" is frequently quoted by Willem at breakfast.

Gretchen said...

Actually Wallace and Gromit were the exception for me. That is a funny show. said...

These are so fun, dear! I also really squirm when people call me Suzy Homemaker... someone did fairly recently and I kept thinking about it, and what it meant. I couldn't come up with anything too positive, although I do think it was meant as a compliment since the person was enjoying a homemade scone at the moment... Also, I think your "I KNOW-A" is great! Isn't it nice that kids do move on from some of their less desirable moments? I think you 'know-a' quite a bit now!