Sunday, February 8, 2009

Out On The Town

Thanks to my friend Alicia and her willingness to not only babysit but to spend the night, Chris and I were able to have one of the best dates that we have had in I don't know how long. 

The best part about our date was that we didn't have to rush back at any certain time. To me this was the biggest relief due to my obsessive people pleasing/time conscience issues. We started out our evening by going to a Tai run, foot reflexology/massage establishment where we sat in huge leather chairs while very strong and very capable ladies chopped, rubbed and pressure pointed the stress out of us for a full hour. All for 25 dollars a person! The price couldn't be beat and we had previously bought coupons so we didn't have to fork over any dough except to give a tip to the very hard working masseuses.

Then it was on to Brother's Sushi where our sushi chef fixed us up with some of the nicest most tasty cuts of ahi, toro, salmon, scallops (for Chris), and albacore. Normally I am not a fish person. I do not like anything that tastes fishy. But there is something magical about really good raw fish. It's like eating an amazing fillet mignon. It melts in your mouth and the flavors of wasabi, toasted sesame, lemon, soy sauce, ponzu sauce and sea salt are added to compliment the fish.  The great thing about sushi is that it is such clean fresh food. It's not heavy or fatty or too sweet or saucy. It's rich but it doesn't make you feel overly full. The fish along with the hot Saki and Sapporo was almost too good to be true.
After an amazing dinner we headed out to find a movie worth our Costco movie passes. We ended up seeing Coraline in 3-D at a theater in Simi Valley. The movie itself was pretty creepy and I wasn't a huge fan just due to personal taste. Chris and I both were slightly disturbed. The animation was brilliant and it was really fun to watch a whole movie in 3-D since the technology has come so far and it was extremely realistic as far as claymation goes.  Oh, and did I mention the generous scoop of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice-cream that we partook of before the movie...?

Of course it was past midnight when we started home but we decided to take advantage of our community Jacuzzi when we returned home. As we dashed out of the apartment into the 46 degree night I did have some reservations. The night was really foggy and damp from rain but we managed to make it into the water without getting too chilled. The getting out part was the worst and it was the most cold I have been since my days in Canada. We were almost blue from the cold by the time we shivered inside. (I know this sounds wimpy to my family in colder climates, but we are pretty thin blooded here in California.)

The best part of the evening was knowing that Anders was having fun with "licia" while we were able to run, foot loose and fancy free all over town. 
I guess that this is a little taste of what we will get next month when my grandparents and parents take Anders for a few nights so we can celebrate 3 years of marriage. Except then we'll get to sleep in after making it to the 10:30 movie!


Anonymous said...

Sounds really nice, Gretchen. Those moments are rare, so it's good to soak them in. Glad to hear you both got away.

Great Aunt Gretchen said...

Lovely! So glad you had a nice evening to yourselves!
Aunt G