Friday, January 9, 2009

Old Fashioned Fun

I just posted some new links under "Crafty Crafts". There is one that is particularly fun with lots of ideas for games, crafts and other "old fashioned" fun.  Have a look and see if any of the ideas sound like fun. 
I got a copy of "The Play Group Handbook" from my mom. This book has some GREAT activities for pre-school age children. Here is a link to the Amazon site.  The Above copy is the 1974 version of the book and I like the funky well worn look of it. A lot of great play ideas have come out of this book!

Here's to some January fun!


Mike said...

Oh my words, this is Shackelford-like. It must genetically come from the Seely side.

Cristen said...

Your blog is awesome. I love the craft links you have! I love you have them on your blog, wish I would have thought of that!!!!

Gypmar said...

I LOVE that book cover!

Gretchen said...

Doesn't it just scream "70's CHILDHOOD"?