Thursday, January 1, 2009


The last two weeks have been filled with family. Chris' mom was here for a week before Christmas and left on the 27th, then Chris' dad and Aunt came out on the 27th in the evening and stayed through this morning. The whole time both of my sisters and their families were in town visiting from the Dallas area and staying with my parents. 

With all of the picture taking going on there had to be at least one HORRIBLE picture. It happened to be of Chris and so, yes, I had to include it for the enjoyment all. I'm sure you will find it in one glance....

Today Erin my younger sister and her husband Jim came to spend the day with us. They brought along their little guy Garrett who loves to have a sock handy to hold under his nose at all times... he's pretty darn cute. 

The highlight of the day was when Chris and Jim took over the kitchen to cook up some sirloin steaks that we received for Christmas.  It was lovely to sit in the dining room and watch as the guys slaved away! As you can see my little kitchen is in complete chaos after constant entertaining. Oh, I can't wait until the house can go back to it's normal state of no Christmas decorations and minimal chaos... soon!

Anders had a blast through all of the visits and was positively showered with attention. That made for some interesting moments when he thought that because he was so popular he could get away with things like stealing Aunt Mary's walker, trying to take food off of other peoples plates as well as more overt and rebellion against me and Chris. Needless to say it didn't go over too well with us.
Of course he was perfectly sweet most of the time and managed to win over Grandma J., Grandpa J. and Aunt Mary despite the walker stealing.

Tomorrow most of the decorations will come down, Chris goes back to work and Anders and I will return to a somewhat normal schedule. We'll miss all of the fun and excitement but know that it will come again next year.


Anonymous said...

What warm pics of Christmas cheer you have here! Especially the one with your son riding the shoulders of his daddy, with sunshine on their shoulders, and sunshine in their smiles.... :-)

Gretchen said...

Daniel, my husband and I could not stop laughing at the picture of him. It looks like Anders is poking his eye out or he's afraid that he will!
The only reason I posted this pic of my dear hubby is it was so horrible it was funny! =0)

Anonymous said...

Ha-HA! That is funny! I had totally missed that cause I didn’t click on that photo to enlarge it... Glad you pointed that out to me!

Ariana said...

Thanks for sharing that great picture of Chris-- made me laugh pretty hard!