Thursday, October 15, 2009

Slow Food

I wanted to share this link because it is such an interesting topic. The blog name is The Slow Food Experiment and the author Veronica Mitchell is documenting a life without any kind of "fast" food. So everything is made from scratch including things like catchup, bread etc... In a society where food can be found on every corner (most of it not healthy) and obesity is a major problem, it's a great subject to discuss. I hope you enjoy her blog and hopefully can get as much inspiration as I am from it.


Almost Aunt Willow said...

Yes, the hubby and I have both been unwittingly practicing the "Slow Food Experiment" on our own because of Little Man's food issues. Well, sort of - we do buy some rare processed foods, but I figure we make up for that with not being able to buy several "basic" ingredients like butter, nuts, wheat or corn... I find that when I eat "slow food" I continually lose weight in an uncontrollable fashion (not really a good thing), so that's when I end up with an emergency big mac, the positive effects of which usually tend to stick with me for several days. Maybe if one's husband doesn't travel for weeks at a time, it's easier to cook from scratch.... Thanks for posting this - so interesting!

Annette White said...

Thanks for posting this. I thought my 30 days of cooking at home without any eating out was a bit of a stretch for me, but this is even more so. I find it is difficult to know what the balance is in spending so much time on food and preparation, and all of the other things life demands. It feels too self-consuming when I am in the midst of it. What about all the things I could be doing for others instead of food preparation?

Gretchen said...

My feeling on it is that there are so many things now that can be bought from Trader Joe's, Sprouts, Costco etc... that are pretty basic and healthy. Yes, cooking everything from scratch would improve my weight for sure (because it's so much work) but just choosing healthy, natural foods would work too.
It is a great subject and it really has challenged me to try buying and making more whole foods with less ingredients as well as eating out WAY less. Moderation is the name of the game....

Anonymous said...

hi gretchen! congrats on the new nephew!!!!
i saw this post and smiled at the title of her blog "slow food" :) do you know that there is an italian based organization called slow food that is now worldwide?! they started it initially to protest the first mcdonalds in rome :) they published a food guide for travelling in italy and i LOVE it-- had the BEST food at a recommended spot :) (homemade cheese with local honey!)
I loved reading her blog- such an interesting concept-- i think that eating all naturally and limiting excess of sugar or processed foods really does make you feel better and gives you extra energy (because the insulin in your body is a lot more balanced) I'm now speaking about this after following a mediterranean diet! (i use 2 liters of olive oil a month, tons of fresh vegetables, pasta, red wine, gorgeous lentil soups, and mederate amounts of meat) I DO feel a big change in my own energy eating naturally--it's worth the extra time cooking, especially if you have more energy to enjoy the rest of the day.
let me know if you'd like any recipes!