Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nighttime plot lines

The scene opens up with me and my accomplice struggling to hold on to Brad Pitt in waist high murky water. I have a straight edge razor and I commit a horrible murder. Brad has on red converse tennis shoes that are hard to hide even though the water is muddy. After trying to hide him we jump out and onto a shuttle bus that is waiting for us. There is a life size dummy that I have to somehow hide from the police until we can get somewhere safe! I manage to cover the dummy with jackets and my purse. We somehow manage to escape being caught.

Cut to sometime later and my remorse is slowly eating away at my soul. I don't know how I can live life with this horrendous murder on my hands. So far no one has discovered who committed the crime and I have the choice not to reveal my wicked deeds.... But I can't! I must cleanse my conscience! Even if it means rotting in a lonely jail cell for who knows how many years. I understand the repercussions of my choice but I must confess or I'll go crazy. I think that my sentence might not be so long because I'm confessing.

Next scene. Me, sweeping the hallways in the prison. It's stark and drab. Harsh light shines through the bar covered window up near the ceiling.
I step outside myself and ask the narrator "how long was she in there?"
"She never got out" he says bleakly.

I woke up feeling so sad for that old women sweeping the hallway.

Aren't dreams just great?

***after reading this It sounds a lot worse and more depressing than it felt at the time. Dreams are funny that way.


Anonymous said...

As silly as this might sound—have you ever tried using a blessed dreamcatcher?

ShackelMom said...

Sounds awful to me!

Gretchen said...

Actually it wasn't as awful at it sounds.... When I read it back it sounded way worse than it felt.

David Cox said...

Hey #2 you write well! Very vivid and moving. I liked it. Dreams are weird for sure. Can't remember most of mine. Love you and yours much! Dad