Saturday, October 24, 2009

The elusive Mr. Fish

Our newest addition. So far his name is just Beta Fish but with your help maybe we can find a name! Here are the options that we've come up with but can't decide on.

Beta Max

So far the most interesting thing to do with him is to put a mirror next to his bowl and watch him go into fighting mode. His neck puffs out and he becomes the fierce gladiator fish.

A fish is fun but someday we'll try getting one of these again..... Someday.


David Cox said...

Hey Gigi and fam. Glad you have a fish. How about naming him Puff Dude. I know that is kinda goofy. But I accept my unique self (read goofy) :-). Anyway thanks for the post. As you know we are back to work tomorrow after a nice time with the Barnes in Colorado. Love you three. Dad

Anonymous said...

How about Swish, Swish the Fish
or just Swish?