Friday, June 5, 2009

Must Be A Boy Thing

Recently I bought some of those little arm floaty things for a dollar at Albertson's. They  have a picture of Spider Man on them. Yesterday Anders was studying them with a lot of intensity and here's the conversation we had.

Anders: He's really naughty...

Me: Well, he's actually a good guy who helps people.

Anders: But he's naughty, I can't see his face.

Me: I know, he has a mask on so you can't see his face.

Later in the day while I was busy with something Anders came in and his little hands were in motion which means he has something on his mind.

Anders: ....I....spider....guy....

Me: (thinking he was talking about the spider we killed earlier in the day) Oh, you killed a spider?

Anders: No, I...Spider Man. I have red face.... I need a mask. I help people!

It looks like I may need to rig up some kind of super hero costumes.


Cristen said...

You must rig up an outfit. What superhero doesn't have a cool costume!

Anonymous said...

That's really cute!