Thursday, June 11, 2009

Buy that boy an ice cream!!

Tonight I snapped a few pictures of Anders looking especially cute. Then when the ice cream truck went by I decided that instead of letting it pass on it's merry way we should chase it down and get Anders a popsicle! Who wouldn't want to get this boy a popsicle???


Cristen said...

I would buy him ice cream any day! Love the popsicle face!

Anonymous said...

Remember Lisa Hindsley, our artist for Stampourri? Well, she told her son that the ice cream truck was the "music truck" so she wouldn't have to buy him ice cream cones! The whole ruse was ruined when a sweet neighbor bought him a popsicle. After that, he knew better!
Aunt G

Ariana said...

Aunt G-- that's what we told Mimi, too! She is always happy when it goes by, just delighted by the music and not feeling like she is missing anything.