Thursday, June 18, 2009

Curiosity Satisfaction

I am very curious as to who my blog audience is. I know that my audience is fairly (very) small although I have no idea how small. I know that most of my family visits regularly although I usually only know this because they might mention it in passing.

Every so often I come across someone who has been reading my blog but has never left a comment. And it kind of surprises me since I sort of write my blog with my commenters or my mom in mind.

So, if you read this blog at all, leave your name and say 'hello'. It's always fun to see which countries are represented (I have some from Ukraine, Italy and Canada).

Oh, and tell me what your favorite movie is for fun!


Anonymous said...

Grampa Seelye, from Malta!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gretchen,

Yes! I still subscribe to your blog, and I usually read it whenever you post something new (about once or twice a week?), but I haven't had the time to leave comments like I did around 6 to 12 months ago. Anyway! to participate fully here, here is the info you requested:

Daniel Pope from New Zealand! (Yeah, just joking, I’m still on the Colorful Colorado Rocky Mountain Front Range :)

I have about a dozen favorite movies; however, in the spirit of edification & stuff that helps to enhance cultural awareness, I've listed the following one as being my favorite:

Where the Spirit Lives ~

Here's a link with more info:

Anonymous said...

Hi Gretchen!

I read once in a while. Your bebe is quite photogenic, and you're such a great narrator of his pictures!

My favorite movie is Gone With the Wind. I don't want to like it so much, but I do. When I was thirteen, I imagined myself having a great deal more in common with Scarlett O'Hara than I now know to have been the truth. ;-)


Cristen said...

My name is Cristen and I am in Ohio. I love your blog.

Here is a list of my favorite movies...

Roman Holiday
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Ferris Bueller (quite different from the top two)
Dirty Dancing
High School Musical 3 (i have young girls)
Benny and Joon

ShackelMom said...

Aunt Luanne here, and I read this in a reader, so I don't comment as often as usual. I always enjoy your posts! Keep it up!

Gypmar said...

Howdy, Gretchen.

I always keep up-to-date on your blog and most of the blogs I link to.

After I'd been blogging for a while, Shaun was curious to know how many visitors I was getting, so he added a free counter from It can just be invisible on your site if you choose, so you are the only one privy to the information. You may want to do that to satisfy your curiosity :) Or you might be a slightly obsessive person like me and be better off leaving it alone!

Vinae said...

Well, you already know since I'm a "follower", but one of my favorite movies is Sabrina (with Harrison Ford) and another is You've Got Mail. Those are my go-to movies when I just want to veg & laugh.

Vinae said...

Oh, and I live in the great Pacific Northwest - Portland, OR, to be more exact!

Mom said...

Hi dear, You're right, I'm a devoted reader of your blogs. So's your papa, but he may speak for himself on that. I really appreciate the effort you put into them and think they're delightful! Can you set it up with google analytics? I haven't been able to make it work with the website, but technically it should be easy...

Thanks for all the effort you put into blogging!

Grandma Seelye said...

Hello Gretchen, You know I am a faithful reader!It was so nice to see you all for a bit on Sat. Love you

JennaRuth said...

Hey Gretchen,

I found your blog through Will and Heidi's blogs, and now I enjoy seeing what you and chris and anders are up to!


Laurel said...

Sending you some good Canadian love straight from the heart of the country. It doesn't get better than Winnipeg!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Gretchen checks in often! I love your homey style and pictures of Anders, and when you CAPITALIZE what he is YELLING!
That is SO funny!
My favorite movie is The sound of Music.

from sunny So. California
aunt G