Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A little greenery

Today I finally got down to business and started my much anticipated garden. We get very little sunlight and so I'm a bit worried about how the plants will do but I didn't want that to stop me from trying! I picked up lemon thyme, green onion, green beans, mint, and strawberries. I had been given two artichoke plants so I added those as well. While walking around the nursery I saw a beautiful iceberg rose plant and picked that up too. It was so much fun getting my hands in the dirt and getting the plants situated. I'm really hoping that they do well and I'll update as the summer goes on.
My favorite part of the experience was talking to two of the workers at the garden center. One of them was a lovely middle eastern man who had a way with words and who loves flowers. He went into great detail about how to transplant the roses and how they are "like a pregnant woman, very delicate." When I transferred them to the pot I felt like I was delivering a baby, thanks to his description.
Luckily the sun is shining on my new "babies" right now and hopefully it will be enough each day to help them thrive. I'd love to have a strawberry or two and pick my own green onions!


Mom said...

Oh, they look so lovely and hopeful! The rose is beautiful. Good jog, GG! Mom.

Grandma Seelye said...

Good for you...you're making the most of your little "green acre".Love you.

David Cox said...

Did I ever tell you that my mom let me plant and grow snap dragons when I was a little boy. i still remember pinching the flowers so they would move their lips. So glad you could plant and grow things. Love you. Dad

Kelly said...

how lovely! Keep a close eye on that mint though, it tends to take over everything!