Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fun anniversary getaway

Last weekend Chris and I celebrated our four year anniversary by spending two nights at on of our favorite places, The El Morocco Inn in Desert Hot Springs! What a special place to relax and unwind! the pool and spa are mineral water fed and as warm as a cozy blanket. Every morning an amazing breakfast is laid out, french press coffee included. (Yummy!)
In the late afternoon there is a happy hour with traditional rose water hand washing ceremony, "Morocco-tini's" and lively conversation usually led by Bruce the inns owner.

When we arrived on Friday afternoon we realized that we had left all of our luggage back at my parents house in my car! We had about 10 minutes of despair before we decided to enjoy ourselves despite this set back. We made a trip to K-Mart and picked up swim wear. Chris picked up an 8$ shirt and a multi pack of undergarments and we were set! Luckily I had remembered our back pack with sunscreen and other toiletries.

We stayed in our swim suits the majority of the time and I had my one outfit washed once. It all worked out perfectly.

Anders had fun having his own vacation with Grandma and Grandpa and even got to go to the REAL golf course to putt some balls. Grandpa even bought him his own real metal putter! Good memories were made all around.


Grandma Seelye said...

What a lovely anniversary! Nice to see Anders Sun. morning. Love you.

Mullins said...

What a beautiful place. Looks like a lot of fun! Nice attitude about your stuff, too.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Looks like a fun place! Thanks for posting.


Anonymous said...

Sounds loverly!
Are you still selling Avon?
Aunt G