Monday, February 1, 2010

A few pictures

The past week and a half in pictures

- Grandpa J and Aunt Mary visiting (until Wednesday)
- We visited Live Steamers and Travel Town museum
- I finally gave Anders a haircut
- We visited the museum of science in L.A. and saw a 3D IMAX movie
- I got gussied up and went out to sushi with Chris
- The house got messy and cleaned up and then messy again



Gypmar said...

You did get gussied! You look beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

The 3-D theatre looks like fun!
Aunt G
How does Chris like his new job?

Cristen said...

sounds like a good week.

Grandma Seelye said...

What a nice time! Not much of a crowd at the theater.Love you

Mom said...

Great pictures. It looks like you've been showing everyone a good time. Nice.

Anonymous said...

So great Chris' dad and sis could come out. So nice to see Anders and Grandpa Jensen on the couch. Love you three. Dad