Thursday, December 3, 2009

Life moves on

Yesterday I realized that all of a sudden Anders is a "big kid".

He doesn't wear diapers at all anymore.

He doesn't need a high chair at restaurants (we enforced that for a LONG time).

He's talking all about everything and tries to get us to laugh. And he has lots of opinions about all sorts of things!

I can leave him alone for a minute or so while I take out the trash. Sometimes he even tells me that he wants to stay home alone instead of coming with me on errands. Of course that won't happen anytime soon!

The "little" potty chair now needs a new home.

In general I can trust him to stay by me and play safely.

I was so taken aback when I started listing these things off in my head! It's amazing how much easier life is when a toddler starts being a big kid. It makes me want to cuddle him more knowing that he'd be less likely to let me snuggle him up as the years march on!

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