Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pre-school has officially begun!

Sending my child off to school is such a mixed bag of emotions. I'm relieved that he's doing something fun and getting worn out, I'm a little sad that he's not home with me and of course I'm worried that he's going to catch every sickness that comes along. There's the nostalgia of my own pre-school experience at Mulberry tree where I always ran for the squeakiest tricycle, tasted green olives for the first time and saw a grown-up fall in a sand box.... I know he'll have such a good time and it is great to have the quiet time at home to get things done, read or run errands.

I took my camera when I picked Anders up. He loved the experience and didn't want to leave.

1. The walkway entering the school and all of the projects done by the kids.

2. Lunch time with the "Sea Stars"

3. Getting reminded not to climb on the railings... (my personal favorite)

4. Riding the favorite "taxi/train" tricycle.

5. Playing with friends in the sand, and yes, that is the ocean in the background!

6. The obligatory washing of the hands after school.

7. The obligatory shower after school.... we really want to make the best effort at not getting every illness passed around. Maybe it's futile but I'm going to try!

8. Anders laughing uproariously at the flash on the camera. So easily amused...


Erin said...

Very sweet. I'm glad Anders enjoyed his first official day of pre-school!

Ariana said...

Isn't preschool great? I am so happy for all of the new and fun experiences ahead of Anders, and for you to have a little extra personal space. Such a big milestone!

Mom said...

How nice! It's fun to see him enjoying life and having fun at school. It looks like a nice location, too! Thanks dear!

Grandma Seelye said...

What a great record of his first day! My favorite is also the one where he is reminded by the teacher. Love you

Anonymous said...

That looks like a fun school for Anders, and what a view! I think your hand washing and showers are a great idea. Even teachers get sick the first year they teach! Especially this year, with all of the weird flus, I think hand washing is a good idea. We have Purell machines in every classroom and as teachers we are supposed to wipe the doorknob off after each class leaves (6 times a day!)

Cristen said...

I am the same way with germs. I hope he stays healthy for you! Love the pictures, especially the one of him being told not to climb the rails!