Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh Fall, Where Are You?

Today is the first day of Fall and it's 103.... I seriously can't wait for a little bit of rain or a cool puff of wind (not these horribly dry and hot bursts that keep knocking over my palm trees). I have so many memories of growing up in California and having such high hopes for Fall. The new school outfit with the knee socks and sweaters, the cute black tights and wool skirts that begged to be worn for the first day of school. Nope, not here. The sweater would be stuffed into a back pack and the tights would be regretted all day.
Soon it will be in the 80's then the 70's and then every once in a while it will rain and I'll dig out my favorite rainbow, not so flattering horizontal striped sweater with matching scarf and I'll be happy.


Cristen said...

My favorite season! I am like you...I remember knee socks and dresses for school.

Right now in Ohio it is cool and HUMID. Too humid not to have the air on but too cool to really enjoy it. Does that make sense???

Happy Autumn!!!

Gretchen said...

Cristen, I sort of know what you mean since I've been to Cincy when it felt that way. You guys will have your cold weather soon enough, right?

David Cox said...

Hey Gigi. I am moving around on the computer tonight before bed and am reading my girls blogs. So nice to keep connected a bit this way. I enjoyed William's too. More hot weather ahead but it suddenly be Fall. We will miss the warm balmy nights. I am keeping my eyes out for more fire wood. Don't have near enough yet. Hope I don't have to break down and buy some. Gotta find some dry stuff. The Lord has provided wood and even woods piles in the past. Gotta ask Him tonight for some more. Love you and yours! Dad

Mom said...

I love fall too and am waiting for it to hit! Our summer wasn't nearly as hot as some, and I sit in an ac office all day, but I just love the feel and smell of a true fall day. I love your blog about it... :-)