Friday, July 17, 2009

This week has been really busy and as of Sunday I'll be in Texas for two weeks to visit my sisters. I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with both of them although I will miss my hubby since he can't come with me on this trip! Luckily we get to go on a date tonight and we'll enjoy having some time to relax together. We're hoping that by some fluke he can get a last minute ticket and come out for a few days the second week we're there. We'll see. Anders is talking a lot about the airplane trip and told me this morning on the way home from pre-school that he had tickets in his pocket and wanted to go today.

Speaking of Anders, he has been pretty funny lately. He has a such an active imagination and loves pretending. He likes to pretend to buy things like ice cream and toys. Pretending ice cream is a big one and one time I asked him if he had strawberry and he said, "um..... no not today. just chocolate today."
The other day we spent the afternoon at the pool and he called me Captain Hook the whole time along with a hearty ARGGGG and an eye twitch every time he said it.... nice.

It's going to be fun to get him together with Garrett and see how they interact. Anders is also really looking forward to seeing "Uncle Willum" and his cousins although I think that he's going to all over their Basset hound Dolce!

I'll take a few good pictures of the trip and hopefully update while I'm in Texas.

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Cristen said...

Enjoy your trip. I am cathing up on all the posts I missed now!