Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Halloween and a One year old.

Halloween, Lars' Birthday, and other fun stuff. This should be my blog title. As usual I have some catching up to do but I finally got my photos downloaded from my phone to the compute and so I can properly post!
Halloween was quite fun this year. Anders really hemmed and hawed over what he wanted to be and Chris even bought him a suit of armor. He used that costume for his school halloween parade although he said it was too hot and scratchy. He went with Chris to his company Halloween party dressed as a zombie. Then for actual halloween night we whipped up a black ninja costume out of a few odds and ends and of course didn't get any pictures of that costume. That night we went trick or treating with a friend of Chris' from work and her son. The boys got along great and they ran from house to house at full speed and really made out well!

Lars turned One on November 5 and we waited until the next weekend to celebrate. We did go out to lunch on his actual Birthday and Anders enjoyed getting out of school early that day.  The party was very sweet with mostly family and a few friends. There were a handful of older kids and Anders had a blast playing with them. It was fun to see all the kids running around the yard and playing some game that involved lots of screaming and chasing.
Lars, had fun and mostly liked his cake. He especially loved all the balloons and we got a lot of use out of those for a few days.

The other stuff includes trips to the park, enjoying Malibu Presbyterian church on Sundays, school, loving our local library, playing around the house, watching Lars do new things and just enjoying being a family.
Anders and Miss Lizzy the teachers aid in his school class.

School friends all dressed up!

Ms. Gillette and Anders.


Our little one year old...

On Lars' Birthday we went out for lunch. Eating his birthday ice cream.

Lars loved his birthday balloons

Lars really took to our friend Jett. He really had a way with Lars!

All the kids enjoying a Birthday Lunch together. Rowen, Liberty, Jett, James, Anders,  Violet


Watching Grandpa blow the yard in preparation for the party.

Anders lost his second tooth.

Love the pilgrim hat...

The sanctuary is almost complete up at Malibu Pres. Everyone got to write something on the floors

Anders loved writing on the floor of the new church building.

I love these boys.

Lars being his cute self.


Ariana Mullins said...

So many cute pictures! Love the one with the knight and Minnie Mouse, and Anders as a zombie. The picture of Jett holding Lars is really sweet, and of course all the pictures of Lars are adorable. I wish we could have gone to the birthday party!

Great Aunt Gretchen said...

Such fun "Fall" pictures!